A Secret Safe to Tell

A Secret Safe to Tell1I was recently asked to reveiw this book. Here are my comments:-

What a breath of fresh air to find a book that tackles this topic in a sensitive, realistic and appropriate manner.  The illustrations are delightful and have sense of familiarity about them which I feel encourages the reader to keep reading.

I am a big fan of the Protective Behaviours Program and this book uses all the elements of that program. I love that the little girl finds someone to tell an adult who will listen and believe but the person is not given a title. It could be Mum, a teacher, a friend, a Grandmother or neighbour.

All the elements of the Protective Behaviours Program are covered.  We all have the right to feel safe, when we don’t feel safe (or we feel uncomfortable) we need to find someone to tell and finally we need to persist until we find someone who has time to listen.

Well done to the author.

An excellent book and a must have in every family and school library.

Janet Cater

Parenting Advisor & Author of Why Won’t My Child Listen.

About the book :-

It happened when I was little, always when we were alone…but, sometimes he did things that worried me and made me feel strange on the inside…I thought games were supposed to be FUN.

This is a gentle book that encourages children  to tell someone about any confusing feelings that they might be experiencing, as a way of HEALING.

A Secret Safe to Tell is beautifully written and illustrated, in a way that addresses what is a serious issue, without overly frightening children or making light of it. The text cleverly and gently tells children that bad things sometimes do happen; but that there are people who can help and things can get better. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone.

– Melanie Pearson, secondary teacher.

A Secret Safe to Tell is a book that should be read by every child and adult. It explores a sensitive topic on abuse without explicit reference, thus making it an appropriate book for children. It is not your standard fairy-tale, but an educating book that will empower readers of all age.

– Fulya Evcimen, secondary teacher.

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