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Baby Feeding Schedule 6 Months

Weaning is a very important period that marks the development of your baby. The arrangement of time tables for weaning children during the scientific day, plays an important role in the development of children.

Time for baby food miles like? You should know this to make it easier for you to take care of your baby and use a scientific method to improve the baby’s digestive system and development.

When  taking care of children , a lot of moms make a time table for babies to eat solid foods during the day because they think that will help their children gain weight and grow fast. But cramming is not good for babies because it can make them afraid of eating, leading to lazy eating and weight loss.

Time to feed your baby during the day how reasonable?

Mom just needs to make sure the baby eats 2 meals apart. Meal size also depends on the absorption of each baby. With  anorexic children  , the stage of eating, mothers should not divide too many meals.

In order to arrange the time table for weaning your baby during the day, the mother needs to know the time when the foods to digest:

Kind of food Digestive time
Mother milk 1-2 hours
Formula milk 2-3 hours
Snacks 3-4 hours
Common food 4-5 hours
Greasy food 5-6 hours

Dr. Huong also said that, when starting out, mothers should use instant powder to let babies learn to eat for a short period of time, and should not cook bone broth to mix baby formula. Because this will make your baby’s nutritional supply unbalanced.

How to divide a baby’s meals by month

Mothers should note that it is necessary to be flexible in developing weaning diets for each child by age.

Meal schedule for 6-month-old babies

6 months of age is the best time for babies to start  weaning . At this time, the mother can feed the baby powder or congee 1 time / day. Then gradually increase the amount of food and frequency to 2-3 times / day.

In the first week of the 6th month, moms can refer to the time table for feeding babies during the day as follows:

  • In the morning when your baby wakes up: Breastfeed or drink formula milk
  • Mid-day: Breastfeed or drink formula milk
  • Noon: Eat flour / porridge / vegetable puree
  • Mid-afternoon: Breastfeeding or drinking formula milk
  • Evening: Breastfeed or drink formula milk
  • Before she goes to bed: Breastfeed or  formula
  • To weeks 2 – 3, the baby’s weaning schedule is not much different. But mom can add a meal for the baby during the day. Note, the baby’s milk demand at this stage is about 900ml / day.
  • For mothers who do not have enough milk or babies need to feed early, the weaning period can start from the 4th month. But at this time,  the baby’s digestive system is still young and weak, so the mother should only feed the baby water. porridge, vegetable juice or thin flour.
  • The schedule for feeding 4-month-old babies should also be flexible, should only be given one meal a day alternating feedings. The most important thing is to make sure your  baby gets enough sleep , take naps during the day to keep his brain healthy.

Timetable for 7-month-old babies

Starting from the 7th month, in the mother’s weaning diet should add seafood, at least 3 meals / week. Develop a complete menu of food groups including fat, protein, vitamins and fiber, starch.

The time table for feeding baby during the day can be divided as follows:

  • In the morning when your baby wakes up: Breastfeed or drink formula milk
  • Mid-morning: Weaning with thin rice porridge / vegetable puree ..
  • Lunch: Snack with fruit, yogurt
  • Mid-afternoon: Breastfeed or drink formula milk
  • Evening: Eat miles
  • Before going to bed: Breastfeed or drink formula milk

From 7 months old, babies can eat soft food

The feeding schedule for 9 – 10 month old babies

Unlike the new period of weaning, the main source of nutrition for babies comes from meals. So your baby needs to eat 3 main meals, 3 snacks and breastfeeding or formula milk.

The daily menu also needs a full range of nutritional groups including: Fat, protein, fiber, vitamins. By now your baby will be able to eat pureed rice / thick flour.

Accordingly, the mother can refer to the weaning schedule for  9-month-old babies  as follows:

  • Morning after waking up: Breastfeed or drink formula milk
  • In the middle of the morning: Feed porridge / flour
  • Lunch: Eat lunch with pureed rice with food, soft vegetables
  • Mid-afternoon: Offer fruits, yogurt, snacks
  • Evening: Dinner with solid food
  • Before she goes to bed: Breastfeed or formula milk

The weaning schedule for  10-month-old babies  also did not change much. Her mother should pay attention to increase the amount of diet to provide enough energy for the baby to grow.

The note when feeding miles

  • Do not feed your baby too early. The ideal age for weaning is from 6 months
  • Always follow the rule of feeding babies from thin to solid, from a little to a lot so that their stomachs can adapt well.
  • Do not give your baby more than 30 minutes a meal
  • Do not force your baby to eat
  • Do not interrupt your baby’s sleep, make them wake up to eat when they are sleeping well
  • Do not let children eat while watching TV, eating at the same time or carrying children to go to the field

Above is some time for baby food miles during the day for the mother can refer. Depending on the family’s condition, health and absorption ability, the mother can adjust to best suit.

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