Challenging Behaviours – causes and tips.

Challenging Behaviours – causes and tips.

Reasons children display challenging behaviour.

Attention Seeking
Inappropriate expectations
Rushing parents
Transition time

Tips for Challenging Behaviour

  • Keep children hydrated
  • Keep children well fed
  • Avoid rushing….enter their world don’t drag them into yours
  • Avoid stretching children by staying at the park or shops too long
  • Give regular GI snacks
  • Avoid sugar
  • Reduce screen time

Plan special one on one time with children

  • Children often display negative attention seeking behaviours because parents are not giving enough attention to them when they are playing well and doing the right thing.  If they know they are going to play with Mum or Dad for say 10 minutes every day at the same time their cup feels full and negative behaviours decrease.
  • Plan for it every day
  • Allocate the time
  • Stick to the plan don’t put it off just because they are playing happily on their own
  • Be fully  present for the child
  • Switch off mobile phones.
  • Enter the child’s world
  • Play child orientated games. Eg Doctors, teachers, imaginative games, make-believe games
  • Have fun
  • Be silly use humour

Use active listening with children

  • If a child feels listened to and heard they will feel valued, respected and loved. This will build  a healthy self-esteem
  • Parents role modelling will also teach a child how to listen.

One on one time every day with your child along with active listening strengthens family relationships and is important for all ages.  Notice the decrease in negative behaviours, a happy home and a happier family!

For more on challenging behaviour book a workshop or a one on one consultation.

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