Healthy Breakfasts & Snacks

Healthy Breakfasts & Snacks

I recently attended a presentation by a naturopath –  Hayley Stockbridge from Sydney Health & Fertility Manly.  I was so impressed with her philosophy and knowledge I wanted to share some of her great tips.  Starting  with breakfasts.  It is such an important meal for children.  They need the energy to switch on their brains for learning, focus and concentration. What a good feeling to send them off to school knowing they won’t run out of energy.   Let’s look at trying some of these fantastic ideas from Hayley & move away for pre-packaged cereals. I soak rolled oats in the evening and it takes about 5 minutes to cook on the cooktop in the morning. We put banana in ours and sometimes a few sultanas or add a small amount of organic raw honey. Delicious, warming, nourishing and sustaining!  My grandchildren demolish two or three bowls of porridge before they head off to school! I am going to print  these ideas & stick them inside my pantry cupboard to remind of healthy snacks for afternoon tea  when children come to visit. I have made a promise to myself to try one new thing each week from the list.  I would love it if you would take up the challenge too.  Yesterday I gave my Grandchildren fresh organic sweet corn as a snack for afternoon tea followed by home-made hummus and crunchy carrot sticks.  They loved it.

Hayley’s healthy meal ideas for kids 
With the vast amount of pre-packaged and processed foods now targeted at children, it can be difficult to come up with a selection of healthy meals for kids. It is important to ensure your children are able to sustain a balanced blood sugar level and energy to concentrate and learn. Below are some meal ideas. Some may require a little more preparation time than throwing a pre-packaged snacks into a lunchbox- but it’s worth it. And while it is impossible to regulate every meal they eat, the best idea is to pack each meal with as much good nutritional food as you can, so that the ’bad’ meals don’t matter.


  • Bircher muesli (see recipe below)
  • Oat porridge with milk, sultanas, banana (soak oats beforehand in water for quicker cooking time)
  • Quinoa porridge
  • Rice porridge
  • Natural yoghurt with fruit salad
  • Homemade breakfast muffins
  • Homemade breakfast slices
  • Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, omelettes and veggies
  • Frittatta
  • Commercial cereals- oat brits, flaked corn (NOT corn flakes), puffed rice ( NOT rice bubbles)
  • Breakfast smoothies- milk, banana, berries, raw egg, LSA, chia seeds, natural yoghurt

Wholegrain toast with:

  • Avocado
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • Goats cheese
  • Hommus
  • Nut butter
  • Cheese
  • Tahina, honey and banana
  • Eggs


  • Natural yoghurt (jalna, vaalia, attiki) with fresh fruit
  • Fresh fruit/fruit salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Veggie sticks with hummus
  • Plain/organic corn chips with hummus or gaucamole  Veggie sticks with guacamole
  • Nuts
  • Rice thins/corn thins with almond butter
  • Rice thins/corn thins with avocado
  • Rice thins/corn this with banana and almond butter
  • Frozen fruit
  • Homemade
  • Ice blocks
  • Puffed corn

Bircher Museli
Ingredients (for 2 serves) 1 cup rolled oats 1 cup of mixed nuts and seeds- flaked almonds, crushed walnuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds ¼ cup LSA (linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds) 1/8 cup sultanas Optional- flaked/shredded coconut, chia seeds Coconut milk- pour as much is needed to moisten the mix
Method Mix all dry ingredients together in an air tight contained. Pour coconut milk over and soak over night. Add natural yoghurt (such as Jalna or vaalia plain varieties) and fresh or stewed fruit. Serve. Can be made in batches and will keep in the fridge for 3 days.

Thanks Hayley .  Remember food may sometimes be linked to irritable and challenging behaviour. Try to take plenty of water & healthy snacks with you when you are out and about to keep children happy, focused and co-operative. Most young children need five or six small meals a day!  breakfast, second breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner & sometimes even supper.

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